About the brand
Are you planning to buy new shoes?

But do not know what to look for when choosing in the first place – design, brand or quality?

In fact, these qualities are quite compatible and should not be shared.

A vivid example is
Handmade shoes
From the Italian
Status brand and a symbol of good taste

Shoes Befeetgerald surpasses other brands in footwear production and is the standard, as all processes are done exclusively by hand, using materials of the highest class and only by traditional technology. As a result, footwear Befeetgerald turns out modern, refined, qualitative and, that is important, exclusive.

If these facts did not help you make a decision, we will tell you, Why Italian shoes are valued all over the world above other brands.

Since ancient times it was in Italy that new trends, new styles and new images were born. Therefore, Italian designers are considered fashion trendsetters and masters of their craft. They do not stand still, but regularly rethink their moods and designs. Therefore, handmade shoes Befeetgerald keeps pace with the times and is an excellent choice for true mods.
There is a myth that beautiful shoes can not be comfortable, but its not. The Italian masters thought over every line, every seam and design of shoes in such a way that it simply must be comfortable, and if we take into account the high-quality materials used in production, there can be no doubt.
And what about the shelf life of such shoes? –
you ask, Its for one season, not more »
And this is just as confusing. Wisely thought out concept, competent tailoring and the best materials in the aggregate create shoes, which even with a slight attrition looks even more prestigious and demolished.

Therefore, it is better to try once and let your choice be Italian handmade shoes from Befeetgerald